Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Do It

Roger Baker: secret evil? Again, like last week, at first glance I thought Roger was evil, threatening Margo with a demonic grin and a surprisingly slender bare arm. This either means A.) I'm picking up a major vibe of foreshadowing or B.) I'm just very bad at speed reading.

Most people's reaction to getting to meet the Dalai Lama: OH MY GOD! Really?
Whether I believe in Buddhism or not, that guy seems very wise and just like a
pleasant conversationalist overall! This will totally result in my next Facebook picture.

Margo's reaction: Feh! FEHHHHH!! no wait, FEH!

Glumly, she will agree to meet him, but only cause her dumb dad is making her, THANKS A LOT DAD!!


McClure said...

hahaha love the italicized exclamation points...

Maggie said...

You were my inspiration on that one!