Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's true! I was no fun at all before I met that fun-loving, free-wheeling architect. Is Iris an aunt or a fairy godmother? And how is the remodeling of the Mills gallery free? Iris is a miracle worker! Also, you're giving that piano a lot of credit. Did that piano overlook Dan Dierdorf's off-putting hobo appearance and offer him a cup of human kindness? Oh Iris, if only all of your planning and effort weren't in vain. Go join Mama Kat in the afterlife for all the A3G cameo characters who struggle to improve these girls lives only to have everything go back to normal the next week.


Mark said...

Come on Lu Ann. If Aunt Iris hadn't bought that piano you would never have met your probably psychotic boyfriend!

Maggie said...

Yeah, fun--AND FREE STUFF!