Friday, June 24, 2011

Double Duty

Casey's a little bit busy, so I'm pulling double duty tonight and commenting on both yesterday's and today's strips. Congrats to Maggie for 50 followers, and I hope that she's already hard at work on those koozies.

Thursday, June 23rd
Let's be clear, this special birthday trip isn't because I'm friends with Lu Ann, it's because I pity her for having a horrible mother. I'll have to defer to Maggie, our resident A3G historian for any previous references to Lu Ann's mother and why she and Lu Ann aren't close. And if they're not close, then Lu Ann's mother might not have forgotten her birthday, she might be spitefully ignoring it. Margo's hand seems to be answering her rhetorical question with an "L for loser mother."

Friday, June 24th

Spirit guide? I didn't think that tarot cards made any references to spirit guides, but I am not up on current psychic methods. CHANGE?!?!? Like when Kat tried to change my hair? Way to be a pessimist, Lu Ann. You could win a hundred million dollars and your life would never be the same. And I too question who could love Lu Ann that much. I mean she's a little slow on the uptake. Could it be she will reconnect with her estranged mother? Or will Paul make a move into her heart?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that is a card Madame Laura is holding. It looks more like an iphone. Steve Jobs is the spirit guide. The profound change is the new iphone 5 coming out this fall. Just like when Little Orphan Annie told Ralphie to drink his Ovaltine, but Lu Ann is too stupid to know it's a crummy commercial.

mrvy said...

I'm naive, or forgetful, or out of touch - and willing to admit to all three. What on earth is a koozie?

Hermite said...

Hey, Google is your friend. :)
But, so am I, so here ya go: a fabric or foam device that is designed to insulate a beverage can or bottle.

mrvy said...

Thanks, Hermite! Koozies with the girls' faces beaming all around - there must be a market!

Maggie said...

Honestly, this is a pretty half-assed reading, wouldn't you say? A big change and a great love are on the way! Also: death and taxes.

I guess that's kind of how psychic readings go, but I was hoping for a few more veiled clues and specifics from the Psychic Center of the State of New York.

Anonymous said...

So. . .the psychic is saying that LuAnn is about to acquire a puppy?