Monday, June 6, 2011


The phrase "That gal is a caution," in which Aunt Iris--Aunt Iris!--is described as both a "gal" and a "caution," indicates to me that Mrs. Bloom AKA Taser Lady is at least a million years old. The last time I tried to call some one a caution, I'm pretty sure I confused my sister and she beat me up.

Speaking of caution, look out Tommie! These days, the only reason people leave letters sealed in envelopes is when they want to Anthrax you. She couldn't tape a note to the wall? Or send an email? Or a text? OR SAY GOODBYE?

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McClure said...

Is this another hole in my pop culture lexicon, or am I not the only person who has never ever heard of calling someone "a caution"?! I'm even a pretty old lady at heart...