Friday, July 5, 2013

The Zoey Ziggler Chronicles

Thursday July 4, 2013
Honestly, I hate shopping, but if someone were to pull a rack of fancy ball gowns that they already thought would be good for me to try on, that'd be pretty sweet. Basically what I'm saying is, buck up, Lu Ann!

Friday July 5, 2013
We seriously don't get to see any gowns? This is silly. And Zoey, you're a failure as a stylist for letting Lu Ann slip back into that pink polo shirt even for one second. Now that she's fully dressed again (presuming she's wearing pants), she's just going to bolt out of Zoey's studio and run screaming into the night.

I guess... I guess this is another Lu Ann personality trait, actually, that she just really doesn't give a flip about dresses. Which is shocking, I thought that would be a Tommie personality trait.

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Toots McGee said...

What does "rack of gowns" mean? I thought there was fairly good consensus on what that would look like, but I guess I'm wrong.