Tuesday, July 9, 2013


There's so much to make fun of...satire brain cells overheating!

1) "I liked all the blue paint colors on that swatch, so I painted one wall each color. It's fashion..."
2) "Hold still...I'm just randomly pointing this camera in your general direction. It has a viewfinder, but the shot will be more high fashion if I don't look through it."
3) "MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!! The light...it burns...IT BURNS!!!"
4) Zoey's got a real delicate way with her clients.
5) I'll bet Zoey bought that gown from a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman costume department trunk sale. It's prairie chic!
6)  "Hey, there's my girl! What a coincidence that I would find you at exactly the place and time of the appointment I made for you/have been receiving a live stream of pictures from! 

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