Friday, July 26, 2013

Then It All Changed

Why does Cole feel like he can talk to Lu Ann again? Is it her razor-sharp insights?
Cole: My doctors put me on meds, but I fought them. And then it all changed. 
Lu Ann: Things got better?
Cole: No, I had a kid.  
Lu Ann: So things DID get better!
Cole: Yes and no. I loved Marty, but being a soldier was all I knew how to do. So I--
Lu Ann: Got a puppy?
Cole: --reenlisted. And it was--
Lu Ann: Fun?
Cole: --harrowing. But what else can I do? None of my experience is applicable to the jobs I'm applying for and I've suffered serious mental trauma. Who will hire me?
Lu Ann: Maybe you can get a job curating art!


NonnyMus said...

Y'know, I haven't been following A3G because the handling of PTSD just pisses me off, but this entry made me laugh and laugh. Thanks so much!

Maybe I should start looking for a curatorial job!

Maggie said...

NonnyMus: Glad you can hang in there and find a little humor with us. This story line is at best, a drag; at worst, reductive and insulting. But yes, if Lu Ann has taught us anything, it's that the main job qualification of being an art curator is brewing coffee. And the salary's good enough to at least pay 1/3 rent on a Manhattan apartment!