Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Last Attempt

Things we've talked about during this one-on-one:

  1. Tommie's parade of "boyfriends" (1 out of 4 of whom was legit)
  2. Carol's heartbreaker status (even though she's only been dating Jack for a while now)
Things we haven't talked about:
  1. Tommie's fiance (whose name I can't even remember)
  2. Any of Carol's old boyfriends
  3. Juicy details of Jack and Carol's relationships 
  4. What "my last attempt" could mean (her last try at demanding love in return for a hot breakfast?)
  5. Big Wheel
  6. How much time has passed since we've seen Jack
    (last seen: June 15)
  7. How much time has passed since we've seen Margo
    (last seen: April 29)
  8. How much time has passed since we've seen Tommie's neck
    (last seen: March 22)


Allen said...

Holy crap, I just looked through the archives and discovered when this storyline took place (beginning when Tommie took in the deer): JANUARY! We've been stuck in this plot since January!! Pretty sure Shulock wrote herself into a corner awhile back.

Artie Mondello said...
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NonnyMus said...


Holy Crap, indeed! And yes, Shulock is in a metaphorical corner, ever turning, turning while her face morphs at every turn. She's just sharing her current experience with us via the strip.

I just wanted to add that Tommie's fiance was James Something Ailsworth or Ailsworthy or something like that. All I remember was that he was a buyer for Harrods on a secret mission to corner the market on Vermont maple syrup for that venerable department store!

Elaine said...

Carol's shadow may look like a car seat, but Tommie's is - LOOMING! A giant hulk of a shadow! What could this portend? An end to this storyline - please!

Kibo said...

I am starting to accept that science will never know whether Lily pooped in the car. Even Neil deGrasse Tyson can't explain whether Lily pooped in the car.

This storyline has all the excitement of a sitcom clip show, but without any clips.


Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

I agree. NYC, Margo and even Lu Ann would be refreshing after this over-long gabfest.

End this storyline! Get back to New York City! End this storyline! Get back to New York City! End this storyline! Get back to New York City!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Huh? Why is Tommie calling Lu Ann "Carol"? I don't get it.

Also, I don't think Jack Riley loves her back. He took off for a reeeeally long trip after that hot breakfast! (Breakfast - May 29, taking off - June 15.)

Also, ... AAARGH!

Barking Monkey said...

I'd take back everything bad I've ever said about Shulock's writing if it turned out Tommie's dead fiancee was one of the broken hearts in Carols past. She even set it up by putting Carol in London during her college years. Sadly, we don't get to have nice things.

Finally, Tommie-Jack-Carol is like ((Hamlet)*(Wizard of Oz))^Star Wars compared to LuAnn-SickVet-GuvTrog. I'll stay in Happiness Falls forever if the alternative is another LuAnn story.

NonnyMus said...

@Barking Monkey,

C'mon, that last Lu Ann story was hilarious!! Remember the Governor of New York driving himself around in that classic car with HUGE green seats? Those disappearing teenage villains? The green drapes at MOMA? Brain surgery done without any incisions nor inflammation? That cheery brain surgeon in his hair stylist's smock? The Governor of New York State getting dumped at the Governor's Ball? It was a laughfest.

This endless conversation is like sitting through an endless Bergman film without the depth nor symbolism! Boring and frustrating. Blech.