Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Recap

Monday, September 8th

"To be honest, I'm not even sure that I am crying.  I'd say it's more of a smirk-grimace.  I've been keeping my emotions as bottled up as this closely buttoned blouse."

Tuesday, September 9th

Maybe Lily has finally made a run for the wilderness, where she can live a normal deer life? Or the mare saw Danica McKellar walking near the pasture?   Or maybe she's just as irritated by this storyline as the rest of us and is trying to break free.


Kibo said...


Does this mean our long national nightmare is over? Or are they just going to have a six-week conversation about The Offscreen Thing We Can't See?

Toots McGee said...

SPOILER ALERT (tee hee...Danica McKellar isn't there.)

No seriously, they're back inside reacting to this. You have got to be pooping me.

Maggie said...

Mary the Mare gets the prize for Head Bobble of the Year! She's so excited to see The Wonder Years' Winnie "Whinney" Cooper! Winnie! Winnie! Winnie!

(She's going to be pretty disappointed when she sees it's just Jack.)

Maggie said...

P.S. kudos for the Danica McKellar reference... definitely had to look that up.

Allen said...

@Maggie, thanks for that laugh!

My fantasy scenario: Margo comes strolling along with Jack, hand-in-hand. She immediately tells them how she accidentally almost ran over Jack and now they're engaged! Carol runs off crying. Margo then tells Tommie she smells like crap (literally and figuratively), and oh she ran over Lily by accident. Tommie runs off crying. Margo then punches Jack in the face... because, what the hell right?

Anonymous said...

@ Allen Whoo hoo! !!!! That does it! !!!! The last 20 zillion weeks have been worth it! !!