Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not Now

It's okay, Jack. In retribution, Carol has painted all your little things mint.


Allen said...

So he walked forty miles and suddenly has come to the epiphany that he's in love with Carol.


So THAT'S the big climactic moment? Geez Shulock, how can you manage to create such complex and riveting stories??

Maggie said...

I don't know! Maybe what he learned when he made his horse walk 40 miles with a stone in his foot was that Buddha was right: life is suffering, and the only way not to suffer is to escape the cycle of samsara! Sorrrrrry Carol, Jack's going to study in Tibet with Tim Mills! Whoo, another Tibet plot!

Downpuppy said...

Doesn't Carol know that the real expressions is "See a man about a horse"?

Allen said...

@Maggie: Oooh you're right, I have jumped to conclusions haven't I? Well, I'll be at the edge of my seat for another 2 weeks as he explains the point he's trying to make!

Also, Dawn Weston's Evil Twin (if you read this) you were right about Jack's hair color. I checked it out and when Jack first was introduced he pretty much had platinum blonde hair.