Monday, October 20, 2014

Evan Was Telling Me Lies

Wh—SKYLAR ROAN! I love it when they bring back characters that seemed totally disposable at the time! But I guess once the Winwood Talent Agency folded like a cheaply made Manhattan apartment after a homemade bomb went off, Skyler was out an agent. And obviously there are only two talent agencies to pick from in New York.

Ah, the simpler times. Remember that dude who dressed up like the Gorton's fisherman, I think his name was Evan Grah—NOPE, Margo has decreed we shall never speak of him again! Let us put all thoughts of him the vault with our feelings about Greg Cooper and What-'s-his-face Mills and that architect dude that was hanging around for a while. Vault it!


Anonymous said...

Margo changed from a turtleneck to a v-neck in between clients, yet Tommie wore the same moldy pink turtleneck for months!

Mark said...

That is so obviously LuAnn clip art!
This Skyler Roan must be the Meryl Streep of A3G world. She's had more faces than I can count and every hair color imaginable, not to mention every publicist in New York (read: two) fighting over her. But by the look of her sensible, pink Hane's Her Way top she hasn't let all that success go to her head.

Sugar Packet said...