Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Said it Jack

I think Jack's comment in the second panel sums up how we all feel about this storyline...and about Tommie changing her turtleneck.  I'm so relieved that we are almost through with this interminable nonsense that I won't even mock that fact that Carol and Jack's engagement falls into the overflowing basket of "Supposedly Hugely Important A3G Moments That Occur Off-Panel."

The end is nigh.  Bring on the adventures of Margo Magee!


mrvy said...

Yes! Our long national nightmare is finally over! Hooray!

molly said...

Not only hugely important, but also possibly interesting! We can't have interesting things happening in A3G county, can we? Big Wheel, anyone?

My guess is Lily will be abandoned at Jack's. I mean, adopted by Jack & Old LuAnn, that is!

Kens' Orange Overcoat said...

Lily? Lily who? Why would Tommie care one bit about Lily?