Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some Crazy Reason

Whoa! Welcome to Meta 3-G! This strip (and probably anyone else who's ever read it for a considerable amount of time) has mourned the sudden transformation of Margo's mother Gabriella from over-the-top ethnic stereotype to WASPy grandmother. This transformation was marked by a conservative wardrobe (with a distinct lack of hoop earrings), a modest flip haircut (rather than her signature jet black bob), and a sad deficiency of random Spanish exclamations. I'm really surprised and pleased to see the strip addressing this! The people's voice has been heard!

Gabriella also used to believe in spirits and angels and assorted hokum, which everyone dumped on her about (okay, just Margo, but still), so I hope they bring that up too, especially in light of that fact that a white blandly handsome male recently described a spiritual encounter and everyone was totally blase about it.


NonnyMus said...

Is Margo sitting in the acid green chair and then standing up? It's so confusing, Uncle Joe!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Margo's daddy says: "It's your mother, Margo. She's lost her mind. She picked up a stray fawn and moved it into our house. She's been talking to the fawn non-stop as if it were a person. Then she took a trip upstate and started hanging out with some strange woman she'd never met but who looked exactly like her best friend back home. Their conversations circled around endlessly with no real information or anything substantial. She stopped changing her clothes and wore the same gross pink turtleneck for months on end ... Oh, wait! No, that was someone else. My bad."

Allen said...

I've been absent for about a month (work, school, moving, yuck) and finally had a chance to catch up on A3G, though I use the phrase "catch up" loosely. Mostly because I figured it would still be on the same storyline with Jack. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was coming back to a Margo storyline! YES! Maybe their acknowledgment of Ruby's sudden WASPness will end in her shedding the facade and becoming true to herself once more. How awesome would that be?