Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Food is Ready

So much for New York's premiere winter al fresco diner experience. Did Thelma lure Margo inside with a bowl of chow? That's how I'd describe what's in that bowl. Chow. It's all in there, Margo. Eggs. Toast. Pie. Clams. Baked beans. Marshmallows.

Does what's happened thus far in the "plot" merit recap and rehashing with Thelma the waitress? I mean, really? The only way I would say "yes" would be if this waitress was actually played by classic character actress Thelma Ritter.

I'd watch anything she's in!


fauxprof said...

She was Jimmy Stewart's visiting nurse in "Rear Window", and just wonderful! That movie used to be one of my favorites, but since I'm currently homebound with a broken leg, not so much anymore.

Incidentally, Margo's breakfast is the most horrifying food depiction I've ever seen in a comic strip, and I'm a longtime Mary Worth reader!

Barking Monkey said...

Au contraire Fauxprof, nothing says fine dining like a doggie dish.

Obtuse said...

I can't quite tell if Margo in panel two has just shoved a hunk of her breakfast in her mouth with her hands, is licking her fingers clean before eating, or is reacting in horror to Thelma's seemingly innocent question.
"Does Thelma really know why I'm up so early? Then one more must die!!"
Oh if only it was the latter....

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Not to seem overly posh, but regarding today's "secret message," I was once someone's only customer in a fabulous crepe joint in Paris.

With respect to Margo's hand gesture in the second panel, I believe that she's horrified that she no longer sleeps and has become a true maniac.

DWET again said...

This doesn't look like a restaurant! It's the inside of somebody's apartment! Look at that old-timey TV in the background!