Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Run Along

If my boss—or any adult, actually—ever told me to "run along," I think I'd die inside, and possibly outside. Also I would definitely expect my boss to pick up the tab, especially if dinner was her idea. Sam is her employee, right? Is this wedding planning his only responsibility? He he saying he's taking a week of PTO to recover from Diane Devine, snake-charmer and flim-flammer? I don't understand any of this!

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NonnyMus said...

Employment customs, like everything else, are different in A3-G Land! If the employer is female and the employee male, then they behave as if they're on a date during any business interaction -- and I mean a date in the 1950's. Work also differs. In A3-G Land, it's o.k. to take time off before a project is done. In fact, it's encouraged!