Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Humble Brag

"I'm Margo Magee...I own this town.  Now, get me a bran muffin."

I know that we here at the blog have been known to give Frank Bolle some grief about the quality of the art, but I think we really need to give a big WTF to Margaret Shulock for this storyline.  I'm sorry, did I say storyline?  I meant series of disconnected vignettes with random incidental characters that seemingly has no point.


fauxprof said...

She owns a building? In Manhattan? Actually OWNS it? Damn, why is she still living with two roommates and dressing out of a Goodwill store?

Maggie said...

Yeah, this "owning a building" thing comes up once in a blue moon, but at the least, it explains why Lu Ann and Margo don't appear to work very hard. Their wardrobe, as always, is inexplicable.

Scant information about A3G gals' building ownership here:

Sugar Packet said...

Someone knows Margo is a publicist?