Monday, January 5, 2015

Quit On Me

I've never been clear on whether planning Gabriella's wedding was a part of Sam's job responsibilities or whether it's just a super fun extracurricular, but it sounds like Sam might be quitting altogether! Oh no! This is terrible! We've all grown so attached to Sam, haven't we gang? We've all been there with him through so much: the ups (ordering steak) and the downs (talking about Diane Devine). This is just so sad to hear about. Can Margo possibly find anyone like Sam to take his place?


Ken's Orange Overcoat said...


P.S. Sam still has the standard A3-G female hair flip. Was it the martinis or the steak?

Sugar Packet said...

Don't be silly! There's no one in this whole wide strip that's anything like Sam! No one, not Trey Brooks, not Scott Gaines, not Cole what's-his-face, not Paul Linski, not Rick-E from Boys on the Block, not Greg Cooper, not Jack Riley, and not Jim Alesworth (cause he's dead). He's one-of-a-kind!