Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spinning Her Wheels

No touching!

Lu Ann, yes, duh, this is why we love Margo. Because she has wild ideas and spins her wheels and obsesses. I can't figure out why Margo having to talk to her mom about her fortune teller pal has translated into Margo having a sudden passionate interest in planning her mother's wedding, even though a few months ago she couldn't stomach the thought of helping out in the least—but hey, it happened. And now we have neurotic obsessive Margo to look forward to. And the world is a little brighter.


TimP said...

Jeez, it's a good thing that's just a department store mannequin that Lu Ann is 'talking to' today because I don't see how anything with a pulse would've been able to avoid flinching once their shoulder had been clasped by Lu Ann's gruesome grabber.

NonnyMus said...

You'r [sic] right!

batgirl said...

Luann's arms are creeping me out. It's like some anime demon thing.