Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lost in Translation

Wait.... what? She does? *looks back at this past week's strips*
No like, seriously Gabby. How did we make the leap from "someone close to you wants to harm you but I can't tell you who" to "this house is evil"?

Is it like... she slept on it and realized that nothing can be closer to her than her house. She's IN her house! So clearly that's the problem! And the solution is for Martin to come to the house too?

Or maybe it's because English isn't her first language (I feel like that's true, but who remembers anymore). Diane is just taking advantage of a poor lady who doesn't know the difference between "evil intentions" and "evil house."

I am still voting "all of this is Margo's fever dream," though.


Toots McGee said...

The house is evil, the radiators are possessed by the spirit of Bobbie Merill.
All the lamps are having a meeting in the basement.
Grecian Formula is oozing from the walls.
Martin is 65, Martin is 12.
Lightning is striking them while they play with pretend phones in the nuthatch.
The nuthatch is evil.

Barking Monkey said...

So the house is evil - is this the house that Margo was conceived or grew up in? 'Cuz that would explain a lot.