Friday, May 1, 2015


Thursday April 30, 2015

Friday May 1, 2015
Okay, help me out here guys. Is this suggesting that Diane just straight up strolled into the other room without the benefit of sleight of hand or misdirection or even just turning off the lights, and, I don't know, maybe put on a shawl and a fake voice—the voice of a mother she never could have possibly met—and that Gabby is BUYING it?? Is that what's happening, guys?

Martin, I know we derided you for not even entertaining the validity of Gabriella's beliefs, but Operation "You Don't Have to Take Her Beliefs Seriously, She's Just a Silly Woman" is in full swing here. Time to grab a fire ax and break down the door. Gabby is trapped by the flames of this swindler's hoodwinkery and she needs your help!


Chester the Dog said...

Wow, this is getting stranger and stranger...Mother appears, plot disappears...what next?

Anonymous said...

What plot?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't she be speaking to her mother in Spanish?

Anonymous said...

LOL Yes!

Stepford Robot said...

The problem is, Diane doesn't speak Spanish. She'll have no problem asking Gabby for some dinero, though!

Did anyone else notice that Gabby's hair is black again in the Sunday recap strip?