Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Best News of All!

The greatest news of alllllllllll... is easy to achieeeeeeeve.... learning to lovvvvvve your news... is the greatest news... of all.

Seriously, though, how is Diane going to follow that statement? "Your decades-deceased mother is still dead, but remember how you thought when she died, her pain was over? Nope! She was still weak and sick, even in death! But now she's not. Cause you're finally making it legal with Martin. So she can stop spinning around in her grave and getting ghost hives about your shameful hussiness. So, yay! Wouldn't you define that as the best news of all??"

1 comment:

Barking Monkey said...

The best news of all!

a) I've found a cure for the rapid aging disease that's struck New York!
b) I've traced all the LuAnn clones back to the source!
c) I've halted Margo's accelerating decline into madness!
d) I've finally learned to unfocus my eyes to see the image in the magic picture squiggle art that's all over the place!
e) I just saved a ton of money on car insurance!