Monday, April 13, 2015

Fresh Start

Finally, a booth opened up at the diner! After all this time waiting in the ante room.

Can we just list all Margo's problems right now?
  1. supervising wedding planner/personal assistant Sam
  2. planning this god-awful wedding (when I feel like it)
  3. do I have a drug problem?
  4. hokey charlatan psychic giving Mom silly yet harmless wedding advice
  5. Mom and Dad in separate beds/apartments/buildings undermines confidence in engagement
  6. clients not getting any good parts
  7. clients getting too many good parts and now I have to work, yick
  8. Carla is so clingy
  9. now I have to do my own faxing
  10. did I hire an extra employee? maybe she can do the faxes
  11. make sure roommates still cooking/cleaning the apartment
  12. keeping my girlish figure after all these breakfast pies
What am I missing?


Carlye said...

What about the weird guy who bumps into her on the street once in a while? A stalker?

Turtlenecks 4 All! said...

That her Mood Coat (tm) lets everyone in the world know when she's feeling moody (purple) and when she's feeling hopeful (orange)?

Anonymous said...

This just keeps going like some weird dream...
Margo: So I had this weird dream last night, and I fired my employee for being nice to me, then I ended up at this diner, except that it wasn't really a diner, it was more like somebody's repulsively decorated living room. And you were there, Lu Ann, except that it wasn't really you, it was just a waitress or hostess whose face kept changing. And our clothes kept changing. And then it was a diner, except that I wasn't sitting down. And I was angry about something, but I don't know what. Something about my mother and my father, who didn't live together but were talking about getting married, but nobody was able to plan a wedding for some reason. And I never got any food at the diner, and the lady (Lu Ann) never brought me a smoothie or my requested scotch.

Maggie said...

Ooh, forgot about the handsome (?) familiar (?) yet mysterious (?!) stalker, AKA Sir Bumps-a-Lot.

Mood coat, ha! I want one.

Obtuse said...

And don't forget the eternal burden of keeping the universe light!

Anonymous said...

I think Thelma is the most unattractive blonde in a pink blouse in the strip. Her features are like a horse morphing into an ape.

Scott P. said...

I am almost disappointed that Frank Bolle finally decided to draw a real diner -- although it did make me wonder if there is a delay -- he's told to illustrate a diner for February 15th but he only manages to get around to it on April 13.