Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wrongful Termination Suit

 Tuesday, March 31st

Margo is technically correct.  Blondes with flippy hairstyles in pink blouses are interchangeable in this strip.  But Carla is still storming up the steps to her room office to call Gloria Allred to file the paperwork for her wrongful termination suit.

Wednesday, April 1st

Carla is displaying all the characteristics of a perpetually emotionally abused employee.  Instead of telling Margo to take this job and shove it, she is following from  the office library to the decorative fruit bowl trying to come back for more beratings.  Get some self respect, girl!


Barking Monkey said...

Based on "Carla"s substantially different appearance each time she resurfaces, I'd say Margo fires Carla on a regular basis. It's clearly a condition of employment that each new hire must answer to the name of "Carla" since Margo can't be bothered with learning the name of a mere secretary - she's much too busy ignoring her job.

Maggie said...

I am baffled. Where did that staircase come from? Has Margo's agency always rented two floors in Manhattan? I guess when you (sort of) represent Greg Cooper (former Bond, current rogue) and Skyler Roan (Bond villainess, which may or may not be a big role), you have the dough to get yourself an extra large office with a gilded stair railing.

Oh wait! I bet Margo takes this all back later as an April Fool's joke.

Chester the Dog said...

I am so lost right now with this story line...give me Lily any day

Carlye said...

Why on earth doesn't Carla counter with, "jobs like this are a dime a dozen"! Standing up to Margo is all she understands and respects.

molly said...

When I read these strips, I said out loud "Whoosh! This went over my head."

"Smack!" I said as I slapped my head.

"Sigh," I said audibly as I moved on to Mary Worth.