Monday, April 20, 2015

Stop Pretending

Stop pretending you know me! Stop pretending we're friends! Stop pretending we had a past! Stop pretending we went jacket shopping together! Stop showing up every time I need a tissue! Stop screaming "BLESS YOU" outside my apartment door every time I sneeze! Stop showing up with extra napkins every time I buy falafel on the street corner! Actually, wait a minute, can you plan a wedding?


Barking Monkey said...

OH MY GOD - somehow I didn't recognize him until the out-of-the-blue "Darling" dropped from his lips: It's Fernando! (Billy Crystal's 'Marvelous' character.) The entire exchange becomes vastly more entertaining when you re-read it with Fernando's accent in your head.

TimP said...

Eric Mills' ghost? I dunno. I got nnuthin'.

molly said...

Someone on Comics Curmudgeon had a theory that I now can't get out of my head... It's Frank Bolle! It almost makes sense in this dizzying storyline.