Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Recap

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!

Saturday, April 4th

Another day another strip where Margo loses her @$#! with a blonde in a pink blouse.  They all just kind of run together.  Kind of like Lu Ann/Carla/Thelma's faces.

Maybe Margo's outbursts can be explained by a vitamin deficiency or something.  It's certainly not explained by the stress of sort of ignoring one client and being tangentially involved with planning her mother's wedding.

Monday, April 6th 

"You're one of the few people that I can verbally berate.  I mean one of the few people left that I haven't already verbally berated."  Do you think that Margo hulk shredded her purple blouse demanding a drink and had to quickly change into a purple turtleneck?

Tuesday, April 7th

Margo Magee, trying to pull a full Don Draper and start drinking the hard stuff in the morning.  I'm impressed that Thelma can make a smoothie what with the diner's apparent lack of any restaurant appliances.  I'd recommend something with bananas or berries.  They are supposed to relieve stress and anxiety, according to a cursory Google search.

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