Monday, May 11, 2015

Something Feels Ominous

Dear diary,

Fell asleep in my clothes again. Woke up to find my hair back to its full raven luster again. (Clairol's "Easy to Use While You Snooze" Root Touch-Up does it again!)

Starting not to understand my own logic with the psychic stuff—if I do believe in spirits and mediums, wouldn't it follow that I should feel something ominous? Is it my mom, still lingering in the apartment? Is it my framed print of the Ninth Gate? Is it my two-in-one fire blanket and comforter?

Oh well. Have a long day of shutting out my loved ones ahead, better get started.



1 comment:

Carlye said...

I want to know what Diane gave her to drink, that caused her hair to lose the gray! Where can I get some of that stuff? I would save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent at the hair salon...