Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can We Go Now?

Lu Ann: (stunned) I'm not the only person on god's green earth who has feelings?
Margo: What are feelings? Can I find them at the bottom of this glass?

Oh Margo! You've been trying to do that for years. Now come on, let's get going, you've got a show to put on, and I'm very excited that I might get to see everybody's legs for the first time in years. ...Does this make me creepy? Answer yes no or maybe.


D.B. Echo said...

Let's've had (or, more accurately, your aunt has had) your roommates kidnapped and held against their will while some folks who have no taste whatsoever in fashion and personal appearance destroy their possessions and subject them to public humiliation. Tommie, we've considered your feelings and concluded that you are a sociopath.

Sugar Packet said...

Jeez guys, get with it. I want a makeover, so can't you all want makeovers?

Also I just noticed you're doing secret messages like Wanders! Fun. I like cuttlefish.

mrvy said...

Wanting to see legs doesn't make you creepy, just curious. For all we know, the girls could be centaurs. That would make for a more challenging makeover!

Maggie said...

Sugar Packet: right, like Wanders! I liked that he did that, so I've been doing it all along, but just realized recently that it hasn't been showing up! Adjustment made, problem fixed. I think.

mrvy: Centaurs! That would explain why they're always so oddly spaced away from each other. Wow. Actually it's really easy for me to picture for some reason.

Jim said...

Tommie and her roomates Blondie and Bun-head may be witches at times, but they sure beat old Drunky Cancerbean any day.