Friday, July 9, 2010

Where Are Your Rebel Friends Now?

Rough times! A dead boyfriend, a friend's betrayl, a failed relationship, family problems, another dead boyfriend, a failed move, a bout of depression, a crazy stepmom, and a host of cheesy Mother's Day note cards. True, not a banner couple of years for these ladies. But sounds like, yes, there will be a group makeover! Yes yes yes! Too bad everyone hates each other at the moment, but they're sure to bond throughout the humiliating process.


Carlye said...

Ooooo - Don't you want to see Margo's face when they tell her that her hair is outdated by about 50 years?

Megan said...


mrvy said...

Re: Sat.'s strip. Here's what they're thinking:

Tommie: SO close to having the limelight to myself! But nooooo -- I'm forced to share the stage with the immature twits!

Lu Ann: Whaaaat??? Huh??? I don't understand!!!

Margo: Who dares to say the Margo can be improved?

mrvy said...

Re: Monday's strip -- Interesting that Lu Ann and Tommie are the ones who look angry and defensive, while Margo appears stunned, shocked, and perhaps recognizing a kernel of truth in Mama Kat's words? This is going to be fun!

Sugar Packet said...

@mrvy: I just had the same thought! I can't believe Margo is too shocked to muster up some hostility!