Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Now that's really not fair. Tommie is a horrible dresser, yes, but I don't think she'd ever pair a pale blue sweatshirt with a mustard collarless jacket... thing. Or is it some kind of sweater con shoulderpads? I don't know. Also, GAHH why does Margo look like a shapeshifter in panel one?!? "No one twisted your arm Lu Ann... not like they twisted my face!" She looks like Jughead. Jughead I tell you! Maybe I overestimated her ability to outdrink Lu Ann.

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mrvy said...

Pale and Puffy Lu Ann really doesn't look any different from pre-mini-bar Lu Ann. She's still the most attractive -- or the least unattractive -- of our three heroines.

Check out the finger pointing in today's Mary Worth. Does Margo grow up to be Mary Worth? I'm pretty sure MW still wears pantsuits.