Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Morning at the Hotel

Uh, Margo, we're you wearing that last night? Is this your ugly outfit? Your bedtime turtleneck? Of course it's going to be ugly, it's covered sleep creases. OH MY GOSH, what if it's a Snuggie bodysuit?? Awesome. And Tommie, I can't believe you got nailed the one time you were wearing a sweatshirt, but that's as ugly an outfit you can muster? Lu Ann, we've got a show to put on, quit puking all over your pantsuit and let's go!


Jim said...

Aint that just like Margo - if she cant get out of something, mess it up so she wont get 'voluntold' ever again. Noice!

kitchenbeard said...

I think MArgo finished off the gin and passed out like a lower east side wino.