Friday, November 19, 2010

Are You There God? It's Me Margo

Gerard, we are never going to see this piano. Unless they start making pianos that look like desk lamps or blazers, we're just never going to see it. I don't see why Aunt Iris didn't get an upright, it'd be much more size efficient and waaay easier to draw.

How did the girls hook up their doorbell/callbox to sound through the ceiling? Unless that's God buzzing in. Is that why you're upset about the piano, Margo? You're afraid God has planted it in 3G like some kind of holy Trojan Horse? You're so precious.


LogopolisMike said...

I'm actually not sure if Margo believes in a power higher than herself. But if she does, I would not be surprised if she was (a) paranoid he was out to get her and (b) prepared to take Him on.

Dear A3G Illustrator:

First off, I typically love your work. Not that I long for a world where all men look the same except for their cravats or hair colors to tell them apart, but I find it comforting knowing that if I were to somehow find myself going through the looking glass A-ha! style, I might find myself with a nice handsome square jawed face surrounded by nice handsome square jawed men who like art, travel, and bitchy women -- just like me!

But I digress. I come here not to praise Ceasar, but also not to bury him. I'm here to help. We've obviously reached an impasse.

You're welcome.

Hermite said...

Hey, LogoMike, it worked. Today (Saturday) we have piano! I do have to wonder, though, if a certain LoudSkies is, in fact, Frank.