Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Many Faces of Taser Lady

OH MY GOSH, Taser Lady is back!! SHE'S BACK, EVERYONE!! I knew she'd come back for us if we just believed hard enough, and now she's here!! She's really here! Although it sounds like she's just about to leave us again... aw. At least she'll leave Tommie (read: Iris, obviously) in charge of Prissy, which I can only assume is her pet name for her taser.

But what's a Taser Lady without a taser? It's obviously quite upsetting for TL. So upsetting that her face keeps mutating. We've all been there before, haven't we?


Carlye said...

Is Taser Lady a guy in drag? And what's with the hunk of hair hanging down in the back, or is that a tail?

Maggie said...

I believe that is Taser Lady's dorsal fin.

Megan said...

We all know that Prissy knows nothing about birthin' babies, even though she convinces everyone that she's a competent midwife. Then Atlanta will get burned down, and Taser Lady, you're stuck up to your arms in afterbirth...Wait, is she talking about a different Prissy? I hope it's either a bratty little girl, or a high-needs Persian cat.