Monday, November 8, 2010

Meanwhile, Uptown

Saturday November 6, 2010
Monday November 8, 2010
Holy mackeral, does anyone know what's going on here?? Let's try to take this step by step.
  1. Aunt Iris concentrates on the world's smallest map of New York City. Mark Trail lies in wait on his pink bike.
  2. Bike guy runs his pink bike into a random matching pink car in such a way that the front half of the bike disappears entirely. Motion lines abound.
  3. Bike guy is gushing invisible blood. Aunt Iris assumes it's all her fault, therefore exonerating the car that actually hit the guy. Car drives away quietly. License plate number is never jotted down. Civil lawsuit opportunity is lost.
  4. Aunt Iris insists on hemorrhaging money while visiting the city, but Bike Guy is having none of it.

Where on earth is this storyline going?


Anonymous said...

To throw a little more darkness on that, and he's on Barbie's bike hitting Barbie's car!

Anonymous said...

I assume that he swerved to avoid Iris and that's how he hit the car. Seems awfully calm for a guy who's bleeding, though.

LogopolisMike said...

Another hot topic: Does he have the world's deepest chin dimple or a tiny soul patch or is this just a coloring/illustration mistake?

Also, would it be possible that Mr. Bike Guy is brought into the girls' circle via wacky aunt as a potential love interest? He's got those same, interchangeable features that qualify one to be good looking in the A3G Universe and like Blaze, who is only identifiable by his cravat and cowboy hat, this guy will ALWAYS wear a bike helmet. Until he doesn't and we have no idea who he is.

Sugar Packet said...

I think we're missing a panel on Saturday where it's revealed that Iris, for all her worldliness, is reading her map in the street. Probably wanted to get out of the way of all those hoity toity uptowners!

Anonymous said...

This has got to be my favorite post so far. I have no witty comments to add. You said it all! Thanks for giving me a prolonged laugh!

Tony Napolillo said...