Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sounds Fishy to Me

There's something so cute and sad about Tommie's look in the second panel. It seems to say, "Hey guys! I'm friends with you too, right? We're all friends? It feels good to be part of the gang!" Ohhh Tommie. When did your makeover start making you look so much like Christopher Robin?


kitchenbeard said...

Oh Margo - Is your next career move as a pimp? You could do better than 10 bucks. You could get LuAnn to earn at least 25 bucks whoring her out to blue collar laborers.

Sugar Packet said...

"He's just a very conscientious person" is such an awesome way to be dismissive about what's his name's behavior. "He's just calling up to make sure the piano didn't start sliding around and fall out the window! Don't all piano movers do that?"

Anonymous said...

No, Tommie looks more like Justin Bieber nowadays.