Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Talented Ms. Prissy

Taser Lady, I grow more and more disenchanted with you each day that passes without you producing a taser. However, your cat is filling your place in my heart. In panel two, is Prissy...
  1. ...being held at arm's length by Aunt Iris?
  2. ...climbing up Taser Lady's chest?
  3. ...floating in midair?
  4. ...standing on her own super-stretcho legs?

I'm hoping for option 4. In any case, she appears to have doubled in size since yesterday. She really is something, isn't she?


Carlye said...

I'm voting for #3. She's really a "ghost kitty", which would be totally appropriate for Taser Lady.

Megan said...

Uh Prissy, it's MEOW not MERRROW..

Gerard said...

"Uh Prissy, it's MEOW not MERRROW."

Clearly an Asian breed!

mrvy said...

Mrs. Bloom o' the Taser is completely oblivious to Aunt Iris deadpan distaste for Prissy. Really, Aunt Iris hasn't cracked a smile all week. She was such a fun 'n games kind of gal before Prissy arrived on the scene.