Thursday, January 13, 2011


Whoa there, Margo! Slipping into Tommie territory, aren't you? Look at your maneater stare in panel two, and then somehow in panel three you've managed to jump back halfway across the room to accept a firm and hearty handshake from Trey. That doesn't sound like the Margo I know! Buuuut, when you talk about how you're hung up on your dead boyfriend five minutes before midnight, you bring this awkwardness on yourself.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Sugar Packet said...

The handshake that rocked the world!

D.B. Echo said...

", not much. Hung out at this weird chick's house. She was dressed like a spinster dominatrix in mourning, which I think maybe she is. We talked about her dead boyfriend and watched the ball drop on TV. Had a hearty handshake at midnight. Then I woke up in an alley with my hair dyed blonde wearing another man's clothes. Think I'm missing a kidney, too. How about you?"

Anonymous said...

I like that Margo has to specify that the ball drop is on TV. Oh wait, I mean "T.V."

Gerard said...

That middle panel is quintessential Margo, and deserves to be enlarged and framed.
But in the third frame there is a big disconnect betwen her expression and what she is thinking. Hmm...that (single) bed beckons, or it would if we were not stuck back in 1958, when hotel detectives would look for unmarried couples instead of thieves.