Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Banner!

Check out the new banner! Inspired by Margo's wry observation made January 3rd. Who hasn't felt this way before?

In (sort of) related news, I just found out that my source for newspaper comics, the Washington Post, has stopped archiving their comics more than 30 days in the past. This saddens me. No longer can I find the precise date when Margo heard the words "More zippers, mule!" No longer can I look up Ray the Dope Fiend or the Ghost of Albert Pinkham Ryder.

Does anyone know a website for newspaper comics that has archives deeper than, say, two years ago?


Anonymous said...

houston chronicle?

Anonymous said...

Houston Chronicle is where I read the old stuff to catch up after I found this awesome blog.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Sadly, the Houston Chronicle just did the same thing. Right around the same time, too. I think it's a conspiracy.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

All the links I had to old Apartment 3-Gs and Mark Trails on my blog are all broken. Now they all point to a page telling you to sign up for some pay-walled comic archive site. Ugh.

Maggie said...

I know! It's terrible, all my old links are broken. =<

Thanks for the replies, everyone.