Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upscale Murder Shack

Sometimes when I'm driving in an unfamiliar area, I'll see an abandoned property on the side of the road--a ranch house with all the windows punched in, an ice cream parlor sinking into the ground--and I think wow, what a murder shack. I say this because from the look of that overgrown yard/vacant house combo in the background, this is one of the nicer murder shacks I've ever seen. Amazing how a plant can cheer a place up!


Sugar Packet said...

We see today that he's driving a Hummer? Seems like a pretty cozy front seat for a Hummer.

McClure said...

I wish you could see this building in Dudley, NC (town next to the bf's town that's even smaller than his)... I forget if it used to be a store or what, but it's falling down now, and apparently someone ran a haunted house there for a while. Pretty weird, and definitely Murder Shack material.