Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Checkbook Follies

I think Margo's dramatics are meant to a kickoff a "this gallery is hemorrhaging money" storyline that will dovetail with Trey's "art deco is the greatest" subplot and culminate in some crazy "Save the Mills" effort. Either that or Margo really is lamenting the appearance of her checkbook, as in it's a few loose pieces of printer paper rather than the cute little 3"x6" book she used to know. Also sad: she's run out of ink forged with the blood of her enemies, so now she has to use a pencil.

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Gerard said...

Actually, in the first frame it's just ONE sheet of paper. In the second more sheets have been added. But it's a comedown since the other day, when it was, briefly, an iPad. But whatever Margo tries, the balance remains negative.