Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

Well, I've had a great time on break, but I suppose it's time to get back to work. What did I miss?

As usual, I left the party just before it really got interesting. Margo's interaction with Bike Guy the Architect was like a monument to why she's the lifeblood of this strip. Consider their dialogue:
Iris: Trey, meet Margo Magee. Margo owns the Mills Gallery.
Trey: I'm familiar with the Mills. It has a fine reputation, Margo. Too bad about the building, though.
Margo: What's wrong with my building?!
Iris: Trey Brooks is an architect, Margo. He knows everything about the buildings in this city.
Trey: Well, maybe not everything, but I know that your building was an art deco classic. And now it's a disaster.
Margo: Really... how very interesting.
Trey: The Mills Gallery is one of my pet peeves, Margo.
Margo: And why is that, Mr. Trey Brooks?
Trey: Where do I start? It's dated, drab and boring.
Margo: Gosh, free advice from Mister Genius. Ain't I the lucky girl.
Trey: Open up the middle gallery, raise the ceilings, gut the reception area, and The Mills could be a great space. It wouldn't cost much to make it right.
Margo: Now I get it, you're job hunting! At a party!! Very classy, Mr. Brooks. Trey Brooks, you are a pompous, rude bonehead!
Trey: What's wrong, Margo?
Margo: Grrrrr!!
I will admit, I'm totally charmed that Trey refers to it as "The Mills."

As of January 5th, we're still waiting for New Year's Day to arrive, which, you know, happens. Are any long time readers of Apartment 3-G getting a whiff of early Eric Mills here? Isn't this how Eric and Margo got together? Margo was generally childish and atrocious to Eric and Eric was super-genial about everything and then there was smooching?



Casey said...

Thanks Mags. I half felt like you should be the one to restart the updates since this is really your baby, and half was too lazy to do it. Let's pretend it was just the first one.

Margo is my hero.

mrvy said...
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mrvy said...

Let's not overlook that Margo is capable of even more scintillating dialogue than "You are a pompous, rude bonehead!" I believe January 3rd's strip included the most wonderful Shulock phrase ever:

"Your dress is too fancy for Hoboken and too hot for church."

Just wonderful! (Earlier comment deleted b/c of a weird typo.)

Mark said...

Am I the only one hoping that Margo will strangle the bike riding architect with that atrocious yellow ascot he insists upon wearing everywhere?