Monday, March 7, 2011

As Winter's Grip Weakens...

Ha ha ha. Oh Margo.
Margo: Who feels like working today? Not me! I, Margo Magee, declare it Long Lunch Day!
Tommie: Sounds like fun Margo, but I have to get back to the hospital, there really aren't enough--
Margo: I will get a steak, and each of you will buy me a double gin martini!
Tommie: Margo, I'm telling you, the ER is flooded--
Margo: Then we will go to the zoo! You guys will create a diversion while I sneak into the penguin cage for a hilarious photo op!
Lu Ann: Sounds like fun!
Tommie: Margo, seriously--
Margo: Tommie, hail us a cab!!


Elizabeth said...

Now that you've brought it to our attention, Tommie's hair is absolutely not improving as time goes by -- what's up with today's hat head?!

Megan said...

Yet the snow has completely let up

mrvy said...

Is it my imagination, or is Tommie's hair reverting back to pre-makeover days now that she's re-entered the ER?