Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hard Times in the Big City

I'm all for random acts of kindness, but I don't know if "sit here because roofs keep the rain out" really qualifies. I mean, she's just assuming that guy is homeless and doesn't know how roofs work because of his long beard and his bland-colored overcoat. And his interesting face, of course. Kind of a Gandalf meets Columbo vibe. Gosh. Maybe he'll ask for her help solving a murder mystery involving hobbits. What will Mr. Mallory think? Also, who's Mr. Mallory again?


LogopolisMike said...

Here's hoping this is the beginning of Aunt Iris finding the Professor's long lost son.

White beards are genetic, right?

Chester the Dog said...

Iris fell asleep in the back seat of the car,and Iris will fall asleep during Act One of BIG CITY.

Sugar Packet said...

More importantly, who will be able to stay awake for Big City?