Monday, March 21, 2011

By the Beard of Hobo Tramp Dan

Ohhh...! I've been wondering where this quasi-homeless man story arc was going. Is Hobo Tramp Dan going to scam Aunt Iris? Is he going to wind up being a billionaire who's slumming it up? No no no. Neither of those. Heh. It seems so obvious now. Hobo Tramp Dan is actually the god Zeus, disguised as a penniless vagabond, going from citizen to citizen to see who, if anyone, embodies the Roman ideal of charity! He'll reward those who offer him comfort with an ever-refilling amphora of wine; he'll punish those that dismiss him with death by drowning! Yup. I've read about this before. Just play along, Aunt Iris!


LogopolisMike said...

Wow, now my concern is that he'll transform himself into a swan. And then things will get REALLY disturbing.

Molly said...

She's on a first-name basis with a guy she just met, but she calls her date Mister Mallory? I suspect a dom/sub relationship and she calls him Master when they're alone.

Maggie said...

Mike, just read your comment, love it!