Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drive-by Orchestra Attack

It's weird that even though she got beat up by the pit orchestra in the second panel, Aunt Iris still was able to pick up the phone without missing a beat (so to speak). And if Mr. Mallory thinks he can seduce Aunt Iris with salacious come ons, he's probably barking up the wrong tree. She likes some one a little older, wiser... like so many women, she's attracted to the Old Man River type.


Sugar Packet said...

All Old Man Hobo Tramp hears is "free tickets."

Mark said...

"Jingle Boom Boom" is the single most awesome ring tone ever, and I'm seriously questioning my cell service now because it is not available to me. Previously I thought that "Tootle Tootle" was the only ring tone available in the 3G universe, but now I stand so obviously corrected.

Gerard said...

On the other hand, in this alternative universe cell phones are so rare that when they tootle, or jingle-boom, it's necessary to inform passers-by that "that's my phone."