Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Nice Man

Why, John Calder! Of course I remember... John. John Calder, yes! Of course. He was a nice man. Very nice. Yes. Your... vvvvvalet? LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, yes! Yesss. I know, yes.

He's had a stroke?? Oh no! Peter, is he.... does that mean he... has... some kind of skin condition? That's it, right? Scaly skin? Or no, stroke, that's like a fencing term, right? So, if he's had a massive stroke, does that mean he won? Is he the champion? of fencing? The fencing champion? Oh Peter! Is your valet going to the Olympics??


Barking Monkey said...

"Peter, is he...still a Canadian Publisher? I didn't think foreign nationals could BE lieutenant governors."

So is there any component of the NY state gov't in the A3G universe that actually hangs out in the Capital, like, ever?

NonnyMus said...

Shulock should have Tommie coming back from Italy just so she can wander around Manhattan General Hospital being an exposition device as after the firebombing!!

I wonder if they can cure John Calder as easily as they cured Margo that time.