Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm Here, Peter

Darling, you sit down and get comfortable. I'll just nip into the other room and change into something more appropriate. Like a long-sleeved pink polo shirt. I know they comfort you when you feel all is lost.


Elaine said...

Is Zoey taking a lesson from Lu Ann on clothing choices now? I hope she has that pink silk dress in her closet!

And why does Peter go running to Zoey with his problems, and not his beloved gf? Big red flag, Lu Ann!!!

mrvy said...

I feel bad about yesterday's comment now - who knew Gov had been at the hospital all night? Maybe he met the press and LG's family already. In any event,Lu Ann is not going to see any red flags; she's too wrapped up in Cole's woes. And his super-hotness.