Friday, September 13, 2013


"Cole, you look super duper great. And super hot. So you feel great, right? No? Not even close? Way off base? Okay. Sorry. I'll just... let myself out." Not sure the level of detail we're going to get into about Cole's prescriptions, but I suspect the only drugs Lu Ann knows are cocaine, heroin, and wacky tabacky.

Special shout-out to our comments section, you guys have been cracking me up. Between Tori acting like a middle-aged barfly and all the comments on that. Silk. Dress.'re killing me!


Anonymous said...

Cole goes between looking like a young Richard Nixon and an old Ronald Reagan.

Insane said...

What drugs have sudden and temporary Bells Palsy as a side effect?

Barking Monkey said...

Actually, I imagine LuAnn’s view of illicit drugs to be sufficiently prudish to include anything taken in suppository form, those dentists’ tablets that stain the plaque on your teeth and all the Flintstones vitamins that are human-shaped.