Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Silly Dinners

So whilst brainstorming for another action-packed strip, I googled John Calder, just to see if there were any amusing individuals who shared the name of our star-crossed as of yet unseen character.  Turns out there's this guy!

He looks like a lot of fun.  But anyway, here's a nickel of free advice for you Governor Trog.  If the girl you're about to propose to calls your dates silly, you had better hope you still have the receipt for that rock and that there is more than a two week return period.


Mark said...

Perhaps John Calder is the governor's secret boyfriend. Oh wait, that's WAY too progressive for the 1950's, which is clearly the era in which this strip takes place.

NonnyMus said...

Of course it's John Calder of Calder Publishing! Peter has been working with him on his autobiography, "Driving and Courting in New York City: My Life as Governor" (working title).

Maggie said...

Forget about our silly dinner! Your trivial strip steak can wait, as can my petty veal scallopini with a side of irrelevant and inconsequential baked potato!