Friday, February 14, 2014

Bad Mother

Ok. Guys. I'm beginning to think that there's something wrong with me. Is it totally normal for a lady to choose to kidnap a wild animal, drive it 350 miles from its home and foster it in her New York City apartment? Because it looks to me that this baby deer has just waltzed into the room mid-conversation, possibly wearing tiny stilts based on her height, and Jim hardly even noticed. Didn't even say something like "Oh, I thought you had a cat...?" or "Americans sure are eccentric!" And then it waltzed out without even a break in the conversation! This is David Lynchian stuff right here.

The only explanation is that Jim is evil and willing to put up with anything to further his schemes. It still doesn't really explain what the end game of the adopt-a-fawn story is, but maybe it will end with a graph-paper wrapped box.


Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

YES! A graph-paper wrapped box. Oh, the excitement! Oh, that dreamy Evan! What ever happened to him? And what ever made him do such a thing? Sigh!

Oh, I'm forgetting ... Oh, the gigantic letdown when they never followed through with all the potential drama of the gift-box-bomb plot. I suspect the bizarre "fawn in the apartment" "plot" will end will just get dropped and they'll hope we forget about it, but we won't, will we, A3G fans?

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

The fawn on stilts is just part of the problem with this plot. Why is Tommie so self-deprecating all of a sudden. Are we back in some plot from the 1960's? We certainly can't tell from the clothing... or fawn.

Roy said...

If we were back in some sixties plot, we'd see a lot more leg and the rest of this plot wouldn't be happening

Maggie said...

I will never forget this special time in A3G history! And Ken: this is Tommie we're talking about. This is just one of those rare times she's voicing her inner monologue.