Friday, February 28, 2014

Rose Alesworth

I already forgot Jim's last name—it isn't Phillipspot-Townsingshire?—but I guess it must be Alesworth. And I guess if Tommie is all excited to talk to her, Rose is his mom or aunt, not his moneybags ex-wife or accursed leech woman twin sister or OH MY GOD is this actually Jim's true form?? Is Rose about to tell Tommie that JIM DOESN'T EXIST?? oh please oh please oh please


Mike said...

If Tommie's fiaance dies off screen after one appearance, it's going to be the most Tommie-like thing to ever happen in Apartment 3-G history.

NonnyMus said...

Ever since I learned that Margaret Shulock has never lived anywhere but western New York State, the weirdness actually make sense.

For example, today's strip was obviously written with spotty rural cell phone coverage in mind. In the hinterlands, saying, "Are you there?" after every sentence makes sense.

Who could have predicted that Frank Bolle wouldn't draw a cellphone? Who could have known that cell coverage in NYC is quite good nowadays?

Well, all of us except Margaret Shulock!

Roy said...

You know that might be the reason for serious Margo decline, can you imagine Margo in Olean?

Roy said...

I don't want to jinx it, but this may just be a storyline for the ages. Such drama doesn't usually fit Abigail Thompson, but the utterly pathetic way we got here is perfect.

Tommie is the most tragic character in the funny pages, that nobody even cares to notice it emphasizes it. Talk about a life of quiet desperation.

Jay Kay said...

There are women with Margo's personality in Olean and countless small towns across 'Murica, but they tend to weight 260 and smoke Marlboros.